Ozone Strike Battle Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Strike Battle, solid and portable.

Strike Battle offers the best selection of cherry mx keyswitches, a short-body and an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable use. Its high quality aluminum layout gives you the best materials and performance to improve your gaming skills. It also features a minimalist design and a compact style that makes it perfect for competitive use, travelling gamers or anyone who needs more work space on their desk. Take it to the battlefield.

Strong and Durable

Strike battle was assembled with durable high quality materials. Thanks to its strong aluminum top case and its 50.000.000 keystrokes lifecycle, you will enjoy a long lasting and resistant keyboard, a weapon built for battle.

Adjustable back lighting

Strike Battle includes red LED backlight keys, offering a full-on gaming environment that will enhance your experience. Create your own unique settings with 6 backlit options: OFF / breathing / 10% / 30% / 70% / 100%

Tenkeyless Compact Keyboard

Strike Battle`s compact size and ergonomic design is perfect for travelling and saving space in your workstation.

30 Macros within 5 profiles, 64 KB.

Built with 5 profiles, the configuration of commands to save different skills goes up to 30 programmable macros. These profiles also ensure different configurations depending on which type of game you are playing: MOBA, FPS, or MMO. The 64 KB of on board memory allows to systematize all the different movements of each specific player, making it easier to adapt to any kind of style. Strike Battle is programmed to suit every game and gamer.

G-MODE Function

The Game Mode option will allow you to disable the windows key when you are in the middle of the action. Thanks to the G-Mode function you will not be disturbed while gaming, leaving no space for errors within the game.

Easy access media keysn

Whether it’s audio or video you can instantly control volume, mute and other multimedia functions. The quick access function built in the keyboard allows a total control on any adjustments that might happen while gaming, offering you maximum comfort and usability.

Key Switches for Every Gamer

Pick the key switches that suit you from the four most popular MX CHERRY switch colors – black, red, blue and brown.

What is the best Cherry for a mechanical keyboard ?: Red? Blue? Brown? Black?  It really depends on every gamer, on every use. Strike Battle is available in the four most requested Cherry colors by pro gamers seeking speed and accuracy, an innate characteristics in the new Ozone Strike Battle. You can also configure the response time between the keyboard and the computer from 1ms to 16ms. Strike Battle: Fast, accurate and solid.


  • Keyboard:STRIKE BATTLE 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard
  • Size:H: 34.59±1mm x L: 351.00±1 mm x W: 123.00±1mm
  • Cable Length:1.5m Braided Cable
  • Top Case:Aluminum
  • Voltage:4.75V±10%
  • Memory:64KB on board memory
  • Nkey Rollover:All keys with Nkey Rollover (anti-ghost)
  • Gaming Mode:Deactivation of Win Key / “AWSD” & “Arrow Keys” function swappable/ Macro Function through Software
  • Compatible:IBM PC, (Win8.1 To be confirmed) Win8, Win7, WinNT, Win2003, Win XP or Win Vista
  • Weight:685 G
  • Keycaps/ Bottom Case:ABS 94HB
  • Feet:ABS+TPR
  • Power Consumption:≤ 250 mA
  • Connector:USB
  • Working Mode:Normal PC Mode/ Gaming Mode
  • Unique environment created by RED LEDs with 6 backlit options: OFF / breathing / 10% / 30% / 70% / 100%
  • Instantly adjust Polling Rate: 125 Hz – 250 Hz – 500 Hz -1000 Hz.
  • Adjust Keys effective time in 7 speed transmissions: 1ms – 2ms – 4ms – 8ms – 12ms – 14ms – 16ms.


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