My Summer Car – First Look


My Summer Car is probably the most hardcore driving game you will ever play!

Developed by AmisTech Games, My Summer Car may not be beautiful but what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in silliness, complexity and, most importantly, beer! Not that any of us condone drinking and driving (at all, ever), but in a game like this nobody will judge you, except for the random police stops, they certainly won’t hesitate, or forgive you for that matter.

So, what is it all about? Well, imagine an Ikea for cars, except it’s not Ikea and you’re not in Sweden. In fact, it has very little in common, apart from the single missing part (as is inevitable in any DIY project, fear not, it’s available at the shop). The car does come in many pieces but you’re in rural Finland and there are no meatballs in sight. In deference of other creative titles, My Summer Car is significantly more complicated, let me provide a little context, having no knowledge of cars (I don’t even drive) it took me around 19 hours and a large amount of frustration and swearing to finally construct the mess you see below.

My Summer Car is also a life sim, ensuring you’re fed, hydrated, sleep enough, washed and don’t have a full bladder are all important. Earning money is also essential; pumping sewage for your neighbours, delivering firewood and even acts of vandalism can be considered work, living is expensive after all. Aftermarket parts, inevitable repairs, food, drink and even police fines are all expensive.

It's a mess, but it's my mess and I'm rather proud of it!

It’s a mess, but it’s my mess and I’m rather proud of it!

It’s not without problems, part placing hitboxes can be a bit small or unreliable, graphically it isn’t particularly beautiful, you can fall through the world (still trying to replicate), other minor bugs are also plentiful, although, I have never had a crash and with luck I won’t in future. As it stands there is only one car you can build and a selection of upgrades, maybe we’ll get more later? For an early access title it’s quite remarkable how polished My Summer Car is. This is obviously a labour of love for Amistech.

My Summer Car isn’t all serious, in fact there are keys assigned to things like urination, swearing and presenting a finger to those who annoy you, some might even have witty retorts for you. From the copious amount of beer you’ll likely consume, using a sauna to get clean, urinating on police officers (don’t try this at home) and forcing other drivers to crash (also, never try this at home), let’s just say, you won’t be bored.

The feeling of accomplishment when you complete the car, when the ignition turns and the engine starts for the first time, when you participate in your first rally, even getting the bodywork repaired; all of these are special moments and will make the time and effort you put in all the more rewarding. Especially since it’s permadeath (optional), good luck with that!

In summary, a highly enjoyable game with depth and humour, definitely one to watch as development progresses. I would love to see some form of cooperative multiplayer in the future. Only time will tell.

Pumping sewage isn't pleasant, but it pays well.

Pumping sewage isn’t pleasant, but it pays well.

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