MSI XPOWER Titanuim Z170 Review


MSI’s Z170 XPOWER Titanium board is pretty high end, with it’s great overclocking features, white, silver and black styling, and the plethora of connectivity. If you are looking for a great overclocking board, this should be on your shortlist with it’s OC dashboard – a small ad-on PCB with hardware buttons allowing you to easily increase your overclocks with hardware buttons, while still easily accessing your voltage checkpoints. I can also see the board being used as a style piece in one of those amazing showcase builds – with the currently pretty unique colour scheme, and general nice design – it’s certainly a looker too. Something to note though is that even though it’s relatively expensive for a Z170 motherboard (something like their Gaming 7, or Asus’ Hero or Ranger boards being between £50 and £100 cheaper) it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles since it’s more focuses on overclocking. You miss out on things like USP 3.1 Type-C, Thunderbolt 3, U.2 (although can be converted from one of two 32GB/s M.2 slots) and a few other features that similar and sometimes lower priced boards come with – so this is definitely a compromise – but certainly not by much. Feel free to watch the video for more info on the board!

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