Kingdom: New Lands


New lands to explore, new bonuses and buffs and more chances for your reign to end prematurely!

Kingdom: Classic has been around for some time now, but the devs have not been idle, in fact, they have been very busy improving this already polished title, the result is Kingdom: New Lands, a new title in it’s own right. Building upon the concepts in the original game, New Lands adds an increased benefit to exploration and even a boat; to take you on a journey of conquest!

Kingdom’s core concept is that of building up and defending from monsters, known as The Greed. Their purpose is to steal, whether it’s gold or just anything of value that isn’t bolted down, they will clear house, even that crown on your head, if they grab that you lose, yes really, defend your crown at all costs! All is not lost however, you can build walls, hire peasants, give them tools and bows, commission catapults and generally keep up the flow of gold that you need in order to progress.


Attack the enemy to give a brief respite from attacks!


Progession is important, the more you progress, the more bonuses and buffs you unlock. From archer accuracy buffs to a bear you can ride and much more besides. All of these can be used to your advantage, believe me, you will need them! New Lands gets harder each day and with each land you explore, including intermittent blood moons, which bring all sorts of nasties. But don’t expand too greedily, you may lose something vital in the process! Think ahead, plan appropriately, consider resources and be smart about it!

New Lands is stupidly addictive, with an endearing art style and beautiful musical score (composed by ToyTree), all appropriate to the theme. It is sidescrolling, however, this is part of the experience, this would be just another strategy game if it was taken to 3d, in this form, at least, Noio and Licorice have built and filled their own niche. I love this game and would highly recommend you give it a try.

So, gather your citizens, board your ship, set sail for New Lands and remember: nothing lasts forever!

I’ve been writing for Dave for a few years now and I love it, there is always something new to research and test! I hope you enjoy my work!

Before writing I worked in IT for around 11 years and have been an avid gamer for much, much longer. I tend to enjoy everything except sports games, but I’m not above testing them if they’ve tried something new. Give me a Space 4x any day of the week!