GateKeeper 2.0 Security Key for Your PC


The GateKeeper 2.0 Wireless (Bluetooth) PC security device is an extremely useful little tool for anyone using a computer in a public place, such as an office, as it’s main functionality is that when you walk away from your PC, you’re taking access to the PC with you!

The GateKeeper comes in two parts, a little key chain and a tiny USB device, with Bluetooth 4 as the wireless solution. In the software, you can choose the range that has to be between these two parts for the computer to lock down. When you return to the computer, depending on your preferences in the software, it can automatically log you back in, or it can ask for another authentication step before you can touch your precious and private data. There is also a free app for both iOS and Android devices, that when paired with your keychain, can be used to make the keychain emit a beeping noise to locate your lost keys / chain (or whatever you have connected your device to).

Priced at $50 USD on their website, the GateKeeper uses “military grade security” to protect your PC. There is also an Enterprise Starter Pack at $249.99, which includes 5 devices and a 3 month subscription to their enterprise solution, including all support and assistance from their engineering team to help you set it all up for your needs.


USB Lock and Keyfob


Military grade AES-128 and AES-256 encryption


Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS X


Android 4.3+, iOS 7.0+

Battery Life

6 months (CR2032 battery)


30 feet


Bluetooth 4


45mm x 25mm x 6mm; 10gm

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