From The Depths – Early Access


Build whatever you want, send it to war and blow up everything else! More or less…

You may look at From the Depths (from Brilliant Skies) and simply assume it is another block based building game. Yes, it is, but it is also much much more… You might say, it has more depth than meets the eye, and no, I will never be sorry for my bad puns. The idea behind the game is a sandbox building and battling simulation with a combination of immersive missions and separate campaign with the possibility of user created content (already available through the forums and Steam workshop).

The complexity of building is something that will hit many people hard, don’t get me wrong, there are 2 different modes of building; one of which will appeal to those who are accustomed to the Minecraft building style, while being simpler it is also less powerful and precise. The other mode is primarily keyboard based and is incredibly powerful (and faster once you master it) and allows a level of precision that many builders may not be used to.

You can make almost anything. I found this on the official website. Some of my creations are on the Steam workshop.

You can make almost anything. I found this beauty on the official website. Some of my own creations are on the Steam workshop.

I want to talk briefly about weapon building, there may be stock weapons that you can use, and they can be useful, but the real power comes from custom designed cannons, missiles/torpedoes and lasers, not to mention rams. What makes the weapon systems really beautiful is the ability to fine tune virtually every part; from the warheads, fuel tanks and thruster power of missiles; to the gauge, elevation and shell type of your cannons. There is much more, alas, I am drastically running out of space to tell you all about it.

Needless to say, I am rather passionate about this game, though you have probably guessed this already, so are many others. The number of tutorials will help players of all levels, meaning anyone can get into FtD. Remember, it’s early access but it is possibly one of the most playable games I have reviewed. I highly recommend you give it a try but take a look at the trailer below, it is a year old and many areas may be outdated it still gives a great showcase of some of the possibilities.

I’ve been writing for Dave for a few years now and I love it, there is always something new to research and test! I hope you enjoy my work!

Before writing I worked in IT for around 11 years and have been an avid gamer for much, much longer. I tend to enjoy everything except sports games, but I’m not above testing them if they’ve tried something new. Give me a Space 4x any day of the week!