Fallout 4 – Wasteland Workshop


Wasteland Workshop adds some interesting new items to settlements. Creature battles? Beastly!

The latest DLC for Fallout 4 is primarily aimed at giving you more choices when constructing large settlements. In this instance you are given access to new concrete blocks, walls, platforms and much more, not the least of which is the new arena system.

Allow me to explain, this is a new feature that adds buildable items with which to capture and encourage various wasteland creatures (and scum) to fight eachother to the death, your own settlers and companions are also acceptable combatants. This means you can equip any friendly combatant before the fight begins, you know, for those troublesome enemies. You can enter too, if you so wish.

A small arena setup, the first iteration of many.

A small arena setup, the first iteration of many.


Unfortunately, since it’s only £3.99 that is all you can expect, there are no new quests and not much other content. I would like to say that arena battles make up for that but, with NPC pathing being the way that it is, making complex mazes and trap-runs is unreliable at best. I, personally, will hold out hope that the AI and pathing can be modded to make these sorts of events possible. For now, though, making gunners fight deathclaws in an open battle is probably going to be the most fun I can get from it.

I will add that I do love the new concrete structures you can make, along with new stairs, it allows for some very nicely designed fortifications, if nothing else. While I wasn’t left completely satisfied by Wasteland Workshop, I am still excited and optimistic for the next DLC and whatever else Bethesda may release for Fallout 4 in the future.

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