Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC


Far Harbor brings more story, more enemies, more guns to kill them with and a huge new map in which to do it!

Bethesda’s decision to launch DLC for Fallout 4 in a rapid fire manner seems to have gone down well. We’re now on the 3rd release (with more planned for the future, apparently) and this one is the biggest so far; not only in terms of basic content but, also, a whole new map that plays host to this extended adventure. Of course, this means an equivalent price tag for those who don’t have a season pass (around £20).

As you might imagine, Far Harbor includes a decent chunk of story related missions for you to sink your teeth into, more than this, they’re built with Nick Valentine in mind (as a companion), bringing him along will open up a large number of new conversations (both ambient and directed), granted, you don’t need him with you, but where’s the fun in missing out half of the new story? So, new content means new enemies, right? Definitely, and some of them are downright dangerous! New weapons and items? Of course. Do you want to fire harpoons at enemies? Sure you do! Ok, so there is a fair amount of new content, and the substance to back it up. If I list any more it may give too much away.

Much like the Solstheim map from Skyrim, you can travel to and from Far Harbor by selecting the appropriate fast travel marker once you’ve been there once manually, a useful touch since your settlements will continue to be attacked/generate quests while you’re away. On that note, there are a few more settlements on the island that you can play with, these are unlocked through optional quests, some obvious, some not so much. You really do get rewarded for going out of your way to help!

More exploration, more story, more... Everything!

More exploration, more story, more… Everything!

All in all, there is a decent amount of new content for you to play with, exploration rewards and quests. I am willing to say it’s worth the price tag, they’ve done a fantastic job and have upheld the rural marine-based theme throughout. If you have enjoyed Fallout 4 and the DLC so far, this is a worthy addition to your collection.

Let us not forget that Bethesda have just launched their own modding platform for Fallout 4 and have brought this feature to the Xbox One, while the transition for PS4 seems to be experiencing delays, it won’t be too much longer, apparently. Mods have long been a staple of PC gaming and I am glad to see console players getting chance to experience all this extra content. I wish to remind you all that mods may causes crashing and other unexpected behaviour, if you notice these issues remove the mods and add them one at a time until you find the culprit and remember to report bugs!

I hope you all enjoy the mods on offer, why not share some of your favourites (PC and console) in the comments below?

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