Fallout 4 – Automatron Review


Revel in the remains of rampaging robots!

The first DLC for Fallout 4, Automatron, is here and it delivers a nice new chunk of content to get your teeth (and robotic claws) into. Priced at around £8 (approximately $11.50) for those who do not have the season pass, it comes at quite the bargain.

Automatron adds a new side plot, a number of quests and many more crafting options than you might first have guessed, the culmination of which is the ability to craft your own robot companions and customise them in complex and exciting ways. Be prepared to collect far more junk than you’re used to, they don’t come cheap!

The new robotic workstation and the latest iteration of my robotic companion.

The new robotic workstation and the latest iteration of my robotic companion.

Crafting robots is done in much the same way as modifying guns or power armour: first your need to build a robot frame, after that comes the expensive process of adding new parts including armour, weaponry, parts that modify speed, maneuverability and other features, go wild, you really have free reign here, no parts (besides armour specific components) are incompatible. You learn new schematics by looting robot corpses and, my goodness, are there alot of them! Repair kits are like stimpacks for robots, make sure you have a fair few of them on you at all times!

Overall I am rather pleased with the quality of this DLC, especially considering the low price (even lower, in the long term, if you purchased the season pass before March 1st 2016), the content seems solid and it adds enough to bring new life to the game, at least until the next DLC is released! Customisation is an integral part of Fallout 4 and I am glad to see this trend continued in a big way. With yet another release only a month away I am excited to see what they come up with next!

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