EVGA Torq X10 Carbon


Ambidextrous gaming mouse? Yes, yes you can!

The EVGA Torq X10 Carbon is a mouse I have grown to love while testing it. They really have tried to cater to everyone with this device and I believe they have done so very well!

The finish is optimised for grip and comfort, adjustable DPI settings on the fly with LEDs to mark which level you currently have it set to, 4 additional programmable buttons (2 on each side) allow for the same experience whether using it right or left handed. There is even the ability to change the LED backlight colour to suit your mood or the colours of the rest of your setup. Another popular feature has also been added, an extendable palm plate for those who have larger/smaller hands, while the range of movement is minimal; sometimes even a slight adjustment can make all the difference in the world.

Having used it for around a month now I can definitely say I am happy with the features, durability and ergonomics of this mouse. While it would be nice to have support for both thumb and 3rd/4th fingers on either side, I understand that this may detract from the purpose of providing a universally compatible mouse to suit the needs of those who are either left or right handed. The optical sensor allows for precise tracking over most surfaces though having a proper mouse mat will always give the best response.

A comfortable and grip oriented finish!

A comfortable and grip oriented finish!

The mouse works right off the bat, as you’d expect. You don’t need any software to get most of the finer features to work, like some other devices, it’s just there, at your fingertips. However, you will need the software if you want to use the 2nd set of side buttons or adjust the profiles, this is provided free of charge on the EVGA website, it will also update your firmware to the most recent version. The software itself is easy to use and allows the assignment of all buttons to different tasks, as you would expect. The DPI profile settings are adjusted with sliding bars scaling from 200 up to 8200, a range that will suit almost everyone.

In all; I have to say I love this mouse, if I were the sort of person to give awards I would most definitely give it a gold, while the lack of finger/thumb support is a drawback for me it doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the device. I would highly recommend that you at least give this mouse a try, you won’t regret it!

I’ve been writing for Dave for a few years now and I love it, there is always something new to research and test! I hope you enjoy my work!

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