Supply Drop – Enter the Gungeon Updated


The Supply Drop update has just dropped in but they’re not bringing cake; only guns, bullets and death, lots of death.

You may remember my review of Enter the Gungeon back in April, it was pure rogue-like chaos with a huge amount of guns, themed enemies, traps and stories. Think Binding of Isaac but with guns and a less disturbing art style. Plenty of frustration to be had, like you’d expect. Procedural level design, randomised loot and a distinct difficulty curve. There’s even an amount of preserved progression through unlockables in various forms. A game you can pick up and play very easily.

So, why am I bringing up old news? Well, the Supply Drop update was just released which adds a huge amount of new content, for free! We’re talking hundreds of new rooms; containing new weapons, bosses, enemies, companions and other goodies! There’s even a new ‘Challenge Mode’ which adds random modifiers to rooms, for those among us who really love punishing themselves! Did I mention it’s free?

One of the new bosses - The Mine Flayer

One of the new bosses – The Mine Flayer

The new content, in addition to an already brilliant core, means Enter the Gungeon continues to go from strength to strength. That’s before you consider that they have done all of this for free. Bullet hell has nothing on all this hot lead! Ok, bad puns aside, it’s a great game and I have yet to complete even one of the backstories, that should say something about the difficulty, if not my gaming abilities.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Supply Drop update and will be playing much more over the coming few weeks, as time allows. Free DLC is always a plus in my book. Have you played the Supply Drop update yet? What is your favourite gun? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.


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