Deliver Us The Moon – First Look


How, exactly, does one deliver the moon? I’m sure KeokeN will show us, in time!

Saving humanity has been the plot of many games and movies in the past, but how is one astronaut expected to deliver the resources of the moon in order to complete this mission? The idea is: in the near future the human race has all but exhausted the Earth’s resources and, in an effort to save themselves have focused attention on the moon to save their way of life, yet the ruling nations cannot decide upon a solution. This is where you come in, going against political decision, you are launched into orbit around the moon with the mission of finding a way to begin sending precious resources home.

The easiest way to describe Deliver Us The Moon, by KeokeN Interactive, is as a puzzle, survival and exploration game with an underlying mission of epic proportions. Of course, since you are traversing the moon and various abandoned facilities, you are likely to find clues as to how to complete your mission and information regarding the goals and hidden agendas of the ruling nations, but can we expect any less from humanity? How do we actually deliver the moon? Only time will tell.

Pick up where politics failed. Deliver Us The Moon!

Pick up where politics failed. Deliver us the moon!

So far I’m impressed with what I have seen; even at this early stage the game plays without huge loading times, the movement is smooth and animation is fluid. The robot companion (ASE) does tend to clip through some objects but we can’t expect perfection. After all, the Kickstarter is still running with over 20 days to go and already more than 60% funded (as of February 12th 2016). This, in itself, speaks wonders for the popularity of the project, I see huge potential and look forward to seeing where they take it as development progresses.

My only issue during play so far is if you spend too long exploring, in the first area that lacks oxygen, there is no way to refill before the next area, so if you have very little oxygen left (2 seconds worth as I did) then you will die before refilling and, since there is not yet any facility to save or checkpoints, pressing escape will close the game after death. Of course this is something that will be fixed in time.

On the whole Deliver Us The Moon is already very playable and, as a taster for what is to come, builds the atmosphere and urgency of the mission brilliantly. I will be patiently awaiting future builds.

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