Crossout – Closed Beta Impressions


Crossout: Post-apocalyptic customisable vehicular combat with Mad Max-esq design choices.

Crossout is currently in development by Targem Games and published by Gaijin Entertainment (known for War Thunder, among others) as a free-to-play MMO action title. While official release is yet to be announced, the closed beta is currently on-going and can be quite fun, at times.

The aim is a fast paced, team based, vehicular deathmatch. Even if you want to take it slowly the timer and other players won’t let you. The concept is fairly simple: gain reputation with your faction, earn/find new parts, upgrade, destroy more enemies, rinse and repeat and maybe spend all of your hard earned, real-life, money. Yes, as you may have guessed, it’s pay-to-win or ‘freemium’, believe me, if you want to get anywhere quickly then that is the only way.

Now normally I don’t mind free to play games, they can be fun to pass some time with or have a laugh with friends, but when you can be killed in a couple of hits from a premium weapon whereas your basic cannon barely seems to scratch them? That’s quite a buzz-kill. The more I played, the more I found myself becoming infuriated to the point of giving up on trying to reach reputation level 11 (so I can tell you all how well the next level of parts match up) and faceplanting my desk.

What if Mad Max made a tank?

What if Mad Max made a tank?


While I respect that this is a closed beta and everything can change at the drop of a hat (and they also need to make money), I feel that the difference between grinding and premium is far too great. I knew, going in, that any battle against a premium player would be an up-hill struggle, but to suddenly be destroyed by an invisible enemy with ramming drills (that ripped through my hull like a hot knife through butter) within the first 30 seconds of a low-tier game is a bit much.

I really want to love Crossout, it’s a beautiful game with a simple but effective mechanic and great potential, however, I really feel that they need to do more work on balancing and preventing high-level players trolling the lower ranks for the sake of easy kills and reputation gain. On the topic of reputation; I also feel that changing the way reputation is earned to how much damage you do to an enemy, as opposed to just whether you killed them or not, would be a prudent choice.

I will be checking back on Crossout periodically, and exploring any changes made, as development progresses. I would love to see Crossout become a successful franchise, I just feel that it still needs alot of work to the core features before release. I still have high hopes, but for now I shall be avoiding raising my stress levels any further. The PvE is quite fun though.

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