Battlezone – VR Tank Warfare


Battlezone: Armchair FPS VR, I mean, it’s about time someone fitted a recliner into a tank, right?

Battlezone, by Rebellion, is one of those games that came to my attention completely by accident, I had heard very little about it prior to EGX 2016 and the opportunity to try it almost passed me by. I took the chance, having never even tried VR before, and I certainly don’t regret it. A gentle merger between full VR and standard controller-driven gaming, with a traditional FPS feel to ease new players into the experience.

While I felt somewhat disappointed with the lack of levers to pull and buttons to press, the sort of interaction you might expect from a VR experience, this would have added too much complexity, there are plenty more games out there that cater to those who want a realistic experience. The result is a fast-paced shooter with a retro sci-fi arcade feel, even the enemy tanks have a ‘Tron’ aesthetic.

They didn't have tanks in Tron!

They didn’t have these tanks in Tron!


Battlezone features an immersive cockpit and the freedom to look around it at your leisure, much like Elite Dangerous, for those who appreciate such things. Available panels contain various useful information, including current loudout, installed upgrades and even flavour text; such as news reports and other information. The controls are smooth, allowing for fast manoeuvring and precise aiming.

Graphically Battlezone looks lovely, it perfectly defines itself as a sci-fi shooter and the retro style lends itself well to the overall appeal. With all things considered, add the availability of cooperative play throughout the campaign, stir gently with the randomised campaign map and you have a recipe for replayability, the differing loadouts simply add icing to the cake!

Overall I had a large amount of fun playing Battlezone and would certainly recommend this title to anyone who wants a fast, frantic experience whether on a casual basis or a long gaming session. Comfortable chair recommended!

Why have a HUD when you can build it into a detailed cockpit?

Why have a HUD when you can build it directly into a detailed cockpit?

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