Antlion ModMic 5 – Modular Headphone Microphone


Antlion Audio ( is proud to announce the ModMic 5 is now available on their website. The ModMic is an award winning attachable boom mic that can turn any pair of headphones into a headset for gaming, broadcasting, VoIP, and more. The patented base clasp securely adheres to any surface and the super strong neodymium magnets holds the mic in place. The 5th generation improves on the original design across the board, adding dual mic capsules, a fully modular cable system, and premium grade materials to deliver the pinnacle of custom audio.

A key innovation in the ModMic 5 is the addition of a dual capsule microphone. With the flick of a switch the ModMic 5 goes from studio quality to noise canceling. This means that a single ModMic can go from a quiet environment for recording to a noisy one, like a gaming LAN event where noise cancelling is essential. With the included compact carrying case, bringing along high quality sound has never been easier.

The most common customer request has come to life in the form of a fully modular cable system. This allows users to select the perfect cable length for their needs and quickly swap over to different devices, such as PC, consoles, or phones. Included with the modular cables is a detachable mute switch and cable wraps, which keeps the cords from the headphones and the ModMic tightly bound together.

Finally, the materials in the ModMic have been improved across the board. From kevlar reinforced cabling to a thicker steel spine and a stronger magnet, there’s never been a better ModMic than the ModMic 5.

Antlion believes all people should have the option to use the headphones they love and still enjoy the superb quality that a ModMic can bring. Find out more at

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