Magicka 2


How many other games have released a karaoke trailer?

Oh how I have eagerly awaited Magicka 2, Paradox Interactive have been teasing us with trailers of varying hilarity for quite some time, however, the wait is now over and we can ‘accidently’ kill our friends once again!

Anyone who played the original Magicka will be able to recount tales of funny events, spells gone wrong and explosive stupidity in many forms, these do not even scratch the surface, especially considering that even the bugs were highly entertaining.

Fast forward back to the present and they’re pulling out all the stops for the sequel, from an ‘Interview without the vampire’ to a karaoke trailer, you have to admit, they certainly know how to make us laugh! If you hadn’t already guessed, humour is a large part of the Magicka games and, while you can play on your own, it is much more fun with friends, up to 3 others as a matter of fact. Another important element is the fresh approach to spellcasting, cobble elements together by pressing a few keys and let them rip, kill everything, even the wooden animals and nonsensical villagers, if you feel like it, or accidently hit them… Just like your friends, they can die too, explosively.

M2 Gamescom 4_0

While they have slightly altered the way certain elements combine in Magicka 2, which has annoyed a few fans, still, this has not been detrimental to the overall quality of the game and has changed things up enough to keep things interesting and to force you to re-learn the best spell combinations, adding a little more challenge for all players, at least until you learn to work together! Let us not forgot unlockables too; from weapons and staves, to skins, artifacts and quick cast spells. I should elaborate, artifacts are a new feature and add random effects to the game for replay value and there are alot of them!

As one would expect, the pop culture references are never more than a few clicks away and never fail to amuse. Vlad is back and is… Rather handy? You’ll see what I mean. We also have the addition of familiars, in Magicka we had a fairy that would revive you and annoy you, now we have familiars (the fairy is back too) that do the same job and can also have other random effects. Take a look at the release trailer below and tell us what you think of the game so far!

Remember, the tag line is also the best advice you will get for playing Magicka 2: “Learn to spell… Again!”.

I’ve been writing for Dave for a few years now and I love it, there is always something new to research and test! I hope you enjoy my work!

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