2016 – Gaming From a Positive Perspective


Whether you loved it or hated it, 2016 had alot to offer.

Let’s be honest here, people have very mixed feelings regarding 2016 as a whole. If we put all of that behind us and focus on the good things, like gaming and hardware, then I’m sure we can agree that there were some brilliant entries on that front. This piece is my way of recognising some of the best games 2016 had to offer and some honorable mentions. You might want to keep reading too, there’s a chance to win a code for Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate near the end!

So, without further ado, let us delve into my 5 favourite games (early access and otherwise) of 2016.

#5 – My Summer Car

It’s complicated, silly and, all around, a great investment of time. You might even learn something about older cars (if that’s your thing). On a serious note, while some texturing and entity placement is terrible, AI cars don’t care if you’re in the way or not and certain object collisions can ruin your progress, it’s a solid game built by a small dev studio that has some brilliant content and is just ambitious enough to provide excitement for the future. Some minor problems have also been fixed, and content added, since my previous review – http://davechaos.co.uk/reviews/my-summer-car-first-look/


#4 – Stellaris

It wouldn’t be a year in gaming without me finding a new space 4x title to sink hours into, this year it has been Stellaris. The addition of DLC has enriched the game significantly and that’s before you take a journey through the Steam Workshop. There are some quality mods available and many are quite sizeable! It’s difficult to sing praises for it in such a small paragraph so maybe take a look at my article – http://davechaos.co.uk/reviews/stellaris-review/


#3 – Doom

Pure gore, ripping, shooting, exploding and over-the-top violence, what’s not to love? I may not have written about Doom but don’t let that deter you. It’s a re-imagining of the franchise that caters to FPS nostalgia where story was secondary to making a beautiful mess. There’s a bucket of easter eggs and gallons of blood to spill. This blast-from-the-past is a fantastic homage to the glory days of FPS gaming. Go kill some demons – http://doom.com/en-us/


#2 – Overwatch

Fast and frantic gameplay, plenty of heroes and the Blizzard pedigree. An event-filled trip through a rich world! Ok, so team-based PVP and objective oriented gameplay isn’t something everyone can get behind (as is made evident by the lack of teamwork shown by many) but that’s not to say it can’t be good fun. Whether you play casually or ranked, there is something in Overwatch that keeps us coming back for more. http://davechaos.co.uk/reviews/overwatch/


#1 – My Game of the Year – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has everything I want from a game; endearing characters, well designed surroundings, solid game mechanics, a polished feel and a subtle but heart-warming story. There is so much that keeps me coming back, that’s before the huge content patch that was released a few months ago. If you have not had chance to play yet, please give it a try. Remember, this was all made possible by just one person! Go show ConcernedApe some love on Twitter! http://davechaos.co.uk/reviews/stardew-valley-review/


Honorable Mentions

Rimworld – Alpha 16 was released a few short weeks before the new year, it’s rather good!

Titanfall 2 – Singleplayer campaign, finally!

Astroneer – A space survival that just seemed to appear from nowhere, good fun!

Hellion – This has just appeared on my radar and will be entering early access soon, keep an eye on it – https://www.playhellion.com/


So, what do you think? Do you agree with me? Did I miss something you think should be on the list? Let me know! Remember, all views are my own.

Now for the part you’re looking forward to, the code giveaway, am I right?

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I’ve been writing for Dave for a few years now and I love it, there is always something new to research and test! I hope you enjoy my work!

Before writing I worked in IT for around 11 years and have been an avid gamer for much, much longer. I tend to enjoy everything except sports games, but I’m not above testing them if they’ve tried something new. Give me a Space 4x any day of the week!